May 2022 Month

Women are banned from receiving driver’s licenses

Women cannot use public transport if they are alone.  

A Taliban decree stated that women should only leave their homes “in cases of necessity” and avoid going out.

The Taliban began a campaign for proper hijab. They stated that the best form of hijab is to stay home or wear a burqa, fully covered from head to toe.

The Afghan Independent Human Rights Commission was dissolved alongside five other key departments. Also dissolved was the High Council for National Reconciliation (HCNR), the once high-powered National Security Council, and the commission for overseeing the implementation of the Afghan constitution.

Women journalists were told to cover their faces when appearing on TV.

Taliban supreme leaders issued an order stating, officials must refrain from second, third, and fourth marriages. Taliban members are known to have more than one wife, often “rewarding” themselves with a second, third, and fourth wife.