During the republic: 2002-2021

In 2002, FMF expanded its nationwide public education campaign. It demanded the full and permanent restoration of the human rights of Afghan women and girls; the inclusion of women in the leading, planning and governing of post-Taliban Afghanistan; and the increase and monitoring of the provision of emergency and reconstruction assistance to women and girls. It also supported the creation of key bodies such as the Afghan Ministry for Women’s Affairs, the Afghan Independent Human Rights Commission and Afghan women-led non-governmental organizations (NGOs). The Feminist Majority Foundation’s work earned it a Nobel Peace Prize nomination in 2002. 

Up to 2010, we helped to win a total of $367 million in U.S. funding of Afghan women and girls’ programs. FMF is proud of the tangible progress it has made alongside Afghan women over the last 25 years to restore their human rights and demand equal representation in Afghanistan. 

Campaign Historical Background: Stop Gender Apartheid