March 2023 Month

New laws were announced, making it impossible for women to escape and divorce abusive husbands. Many women fear their divorces under the previous republic government could be voided, forcing them to return to their former husbands.

Girls were barred from starting the new academic year in universities. Only boys were allowed.  

Men and women were ordered to visit shrines on different days.

New orders were issued to beauty salons in the central province of Parwan, demanding that women cleanse themselves before applying makeup.  

Restaurants in Takhar province should not serve women who are not escorted by a close male relative.

New year celebration was announced forbidden. The order also prohibited celebrating birthdays, Valentine’s Day, and Women’s Day. The Afghan people celebrate the Afghan new year (first day of Spring) widely throughout the country.

In the northern province of Balkh, banking services became segregated by sex.

The Attorney General’s office was abolished and renamed the General Directorate for Monitoring and Follow-up of Decrees and Directives.

Courts must reexamine cases settled by the courts under the republic government. It must invalidate cases that did not meet the Taliban Sharia.

Planting hashish (marijuana) is prohibited.