March 2022 Month

Women are not allowed to seek medical treatments without a mahram.  

Women’s and men’s offices were segregated.

All foreign TV series are banned.

Schools will remain closed for girls beyond grade 6. Another statement a few days earlier had promised that schools will reopen, but the Taliban walked back on their promise.

The new year celebration was canceled and banned. New year is a big holiday in Afghanistan but the Taliban says it is against their Sharia to celebrate the new year.

Women are banned from flying or leaving the country without a mahram or male guardian. 

Men employees of the government were told to have beards to risk being fired.

Taliban supreme leader ordered that women cannot be employed or leave home.

Taliban supreme leaders ordered to refrain from hiring relative and friends to jobs.

The supreme leader issued a lengthy order outlining the curricula for universities’ first and second semesters, mostly focusing on religious text and additions.