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How can you help the situation in Afghanistan?

After 20 years of engagement and investment, it is our moral responsibility to fulfill our obligations protecting the human rights of Afghan women and girls. The vow the United States made more than 20 years ago is still valid and is needed now more than ever. The situation that had changed for the better has been reversed once again, and we bear responsibility for that.

Reach out to your representatives in Congress 

  • Call or write to your representatives or President Biden to let them know that this is an issue the American people are passionate about
  • Urge them to
    • Pass the Afghan Adjustment Act. Read more about the AAA here.
    • Continue not recognizing the Taliban as the legitimate government of Afghanistan. 
    • Increase humanitarian aid to Afghanistan without giving aid to the Taliban
    • Support Afghan women and ensure that they can access humanitarian aid 

Donate to humanitarian aid groups

  • The Taliban’s return to power has led to international sanctions and the halting of many aid corridors. 
  • Humanitarian aid is critical to providing the Afghan people with safe housing, equal distribution of food, and other assistance regardless of gender, ethnicity, or religion.
  • Find humanitarian aid groups here:

Support refugees

Seek out news and share stories you hear 

  • Seeking out and sharing media keeps Afghanistan in the news and ensures your network stays informed. 
  • More consistent reporting can lead to stronger policy recommendations.

Sign the petition to express your support for non-recognition
Feminists are the majority!
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Together, we can advance human rights and equality for women in Afghanistan and globally. Thanks in advance for your support!